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    Coff's Harbour chapter
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    Its Phenomenal Growth, and Great Future Possibilities Summarised[...]A .


    Coff’s Harbour is in lat. 30 deg. 18 min. S,.
    long. 153 deg. 9 min. I. Jt is situated 240 miles
    N. of Sydney and about the same distance’S. of
    Brisbane, by sea. The harbour is sheltered from
    the S. by South Coff’s Island, w[...]in an E. N.E. direction for
    one-third of a mile, its greatest width N. and S.
    being one-eighth of a mile, and its greatest height
    136 feet.

    At a distance of[...]y deep water,
    coastal steamers find shelter under its lea from
    practically any wind. Regularly e[...]
    Island, for the purpose of ‘laying their eggs, and
    it is averred that each bird lays one egg only on
    a given date.

    When the breakwater is completed, vessels of
    any size will be able to co[...]line,
    ‘connecting Sydney and Brisbane. The line is sur-
    veyed beyond Dorrigo to the Northern line, and
    when it is constructed, an immense trade will en-
    sue to Cof[...]connecting Coff's Harbour with the
    Northern line is to ease the traffic on the latter
    and bring as mu[...]railway from Grafton to Coff’s
    Harbour will, it is anticipated, be completed in
    about two years. The[...]means six hours will be

    Harbour, from its natural formation, its
    geographical sition (hkeing situated midway from
    Sydney to Brisbane), its deep water (being the
    only deep-water harbour bet[...]Brisbane), and the rich extensive country behind
    it—as yet scarcely tapped—must, in the near fu-
    ture,[...]S. direc-
    tion for 1,760 feet. One of the cranes is 744 tons,
    and the other is 10 tons. Two ves: can be
    simultaneously loaded by[...]of sawn timber in an ordinary
    working day. There is also every facility in can-
    nection with the cran[...]the
    goods shed are 120ft. x 30ft.

    The wharfinger is Mt. W. J. Graham,

    The followi[...]
    is esti-
    mated that on an average, one vessel arrive[...]ha in the delivery of letters, there is an agitation
    to have the Top Town proclaimed “C[...]y end “Coffs Harbour Jetty.”

    A motor service is maintained between the

    two ends of the to[...]
    [...]a mile-and-a-half; while on the south side there
    is a magnificent beach four miles in length from
    Boambee Heads to the headland. It is averred
    that there are no safer beaches on the co[...]public sheds
    for both sexes. Mr. P. J. MacNamara is president
    and Mr. C. A. Gilles is secretary to the club.

    The lake at the entrance[...]he safest swimming for women and children,
    and it is a regular Sunday resort for residents.

    M[...]s Harbour, were established in 1907.
    The business is now carried on by Mr. A.
    £. Long, J.P., who, sin[...]ensland.

    The Pier Hotel, Coff’s Harbour Jetty, is gener-
    ally admitted to be one. of the most comfo[...]th
    Coast. One of the greatest charms of the house
    is the wide, roomy balconies, where the visitor

    can survey the mighty Pac
    giving ozone. To sea-lovers it is delightful, too,
    to be within sound of the breake[...]of an early morning plunge in
    the surf. The hotel is only a short walk from, the
    magnificent, safe, clean beac where surf-bathing
    is a popular pastime, The culinary arrangements
    of t[...]omprise all the best-known brands.
    Mlectric light is installed throughout the hou ‘and

    H do[...]e system gives complete
    satisfaction. Mr. W. Mann is the proprietor;
    and the hotel is ably managed by Mr. W. M.

    Taylor, who owns a cou[...]y to the jetty,
    and good catches are the rule. It is of interest to
    tourists and travellers to[...]
    [...], the line descends the
    : OFF’S HARBOUR STATION is at 54% range to the valley of the Orara, Karangi station
    3 miles on the south end of the! beach. The is at 46-mile. Karangi eck is crossed at 45-mile

    line runs in a northerly dire[...]the Orara River,

    ascent of the coastal divide is commenced. For

    cE and hugs the latter practicall[...]e six miles of the ruling


    1 station is at 484-mile, but on the opposite side
    gradient (1[...]sh- of the river to the town. A high-level bridge is io
    ing machinery is at 5i-mile. At Red Hill the be built, giving dire[...]ccur (the After Coramba, open, undulating country is
    longest is 891 feet and the shortest is 297 feet, the encountered to Nana Glen. There are[...]feet; bank, 87 feet). Creck). Nana Glen station is at nile on the
    The main camp is at Red Hill, A social hall

    1 1[...]iately after Nana Glen
    the water reservoir, water is pumped to tanks and

    stati Dicer Créek i

    thence supplied by gravitation. There is a large station, Bucca Creck is cro
    power-house driving air-compressors for rock[...]er the
    creck, ‘Thence, densely timbered country is. en-
    countered to Glenreagh (28-mile).

    [...]Excepting the Glenreagh-Dorrigo section—
    -which is not, in reality, an integral part of the through
    line—the eighth section is the most difficult piece

    of construction on t[...]works are extremely heavy. The
    summit of the rise is 600 feet above sea fevel. Up
    the Orara Valley work isis £20,000 per mil
    about five times the cost of an[...]en are on the section. The bulk of the
    earthworks is on the way to completion, <All
    tunnel headings are through and concreting of N
    1 (the longest) is in progress. Steam “navvies
    are at work at Red[...]a and Nana Glen. . The steel span

    at Bucea Creek is in position ready for final rivet-

    avera[...]ween £4,000 and £5,000. In the season,
    Anderton is a large buyer and shipper of
    and other farm produ[...]o are just
    inside the main entrance and the other is in the
    millinery and show room. The stores are eq[...]arated and having plenty ef
    space. Electric light is installed throughout. Mr.
    Anderton is a member of the Coffs Harbour Cham-
    ber of Commer[...]aize

    “The Hub,” at Coff’s Harbour Jetty is to be
    found at Mr. W. J. C. Hardy’s Miscellaneo[...]-class billiard tables
    by Heiron and Smith. The h is
    presided over by the proprietor, Mr. Hardy[...]

    and Mr. A. L. Walsh hon. secretary; and it is un-
    questionably through the efforts of the forme[...]have
    recognised the wisdom of the adage “Union is
    Strength,” and have banded-together for the weal
    of the whole community.” Hence it is that the
    Coff’s Harbour Chamber of Commerce is the third

    We 4

    A Keen, Active, Public-spi[...]ody of the kind outside the Metropolis;
    but there is no reason why it should not have double
    its present membership; and it is the hounden
    duty of every trader and representati[...]hon, secre-
    tary. The advice to the backward ones is:—‘De
    it Now!"

    Among. the multifarious[...]
    [...]ll accommodate about 20 patients. Mr. C.
    A. Finch is president, Mr. A. E. Long has been

    W. Moore, manager of the City Bank of Sydney is
    hon. treasurer. Mes A. Ei. Long, T. Anderson[...]been elected life members.

    The Hotel Vitzroy is situated on a commanding

    and ideal site at Co[...]m-
    fortable hostelry for tourists and travellers, it: has
    no equal on the Central North Coast. The Pro[...]rt


    uy, 1914, hotel which is on a

    y Taree


    run[...]by electrically-driven machin-
    ery; and firewood is cut by this power. The staft
    numbers 16, each of whom is courteous and atten-
    tive to guests.

    Interesting Facts and Vigures Concerning its Mervellous Growth and Importance.


    HE Coff’s District (ineluding Woolguolga
    and Bucea), is backed by hardwood fore
    comprising probably the m[...]land. Most cf
    the timber exported to the Dominion is ironbark,
    which is utilised in sleeper, waggon and jetty con-
    struct[...]ff's Harbour Timber Company operates
    mills. No. 1 is 15

    two miles and No. 2 is four
    and a half miles from Coff’s Harbour. The com-
    pany is thoroughly down-to-date in its methods.
    [...]00 and
    £60,000. Mr. MacKay, it may he mentioned, ts
    recognised as one of the leading timber experts
    proves that the natural outlet for this product is
    Coff’s Harbour.

    The 13-mile railway section[...]WG


    Its Great Development in the near Future is

    HERE is no doubt that the fishing industry
    of Coff’s Ha[...]in the near future,
    develop very considerably. [t is anticipa-
    ted that one of the State trawlers will[...]One of the best snapper reefs on the coast is
    only a few miles from the port. Deep-sea whiting[...]ther adjacent beaches.

    North of Coff’s Harbour is Macauley’s Beach,
    a popular fishing and[...]

    Bee Coff’s Harbour, now in course of con- It is not proposed to use any stone of less

    weight than 4 tons in the construction of this wall,
    and it is also intended that the larger stones ob-
    tained f[...]nces at the 350 feet north of the existing jetty. Its length will
    most eastern point of South Coff’s[...]afterwards be lessened if found mainland, and it is intended to construct this por-
    [...]As the con-
    struction of the Northern Breakwater is extended,
    the gap between the mainland and South[...]quent reduction of the
    of sea within the Harbour, it-is proposed to
    struct two SOft. jetties, 400[...]the
    side of the ship.

    The stone for these works is obtained from the
    quarry opened up at South Coffs Island. It ts
    atmetamorphic rock of heavy character, and emin-[...]e waves and
    weather for many years, it g
    dence of its durable nature.

    The works are being carried out.[...]ths and Co.; and Mr. W. IE. Kemp, A.M.
    Inst. C.E. is the resident engineer in charge of

    the work.

    The compiler is indebted to the Director Gen-
    eral of Public Work[...]d ino bringing the
    into due prominence, In 1905 a
    is held in favor of the rth
    and Mr. MacNamara was ap[...]tion of turning the first sod of
    the railway. Ile is a Justice of the Peace for New
    South Wales and) Queensland; is Federal and
    State Returning Officer; is a Sworn Valuer under
    the RP. and is a Commissioner for Affidavit[...]N acNamara_ was _first-clerk of Dorrigo Sh

    ty is president of the local surf club; agent
    Tor the o[...]darge number of Sydney firms and persons; and
    he is besides the pioneer auctioneer of Co

    [...]tta. The climate being
    D Ga ticuciatvone sae Seen phenomenal,is a large area under pineapples, and the’
    At the foot bf the Red Hill, the Lands De- frit grows wild, even in the midst of the forests.
    partment[...]f the largest forest reserves ietheeState tables, is apparent to every observant visitor. Ow-
    —the Bucca—is adjacent to Coffs Harbour. ing to existing high f[...]Vegetables almost grow wild in the district;
    land is well adapted for the raising of tropical and land that is apparent! poor, on being worked,
    :and sub-tropica[...]d quality.
    there has been a large increase in the growth of Tropical Fruit Plantations and Orchards.
    banan[...]pples on the eastern fall of the At Korora, which is charmingly situated on the
    [...]Cavendish bananas, and he has a new
    variety which is very much sought after on
    count of its delicious flavour and size. No
    thar 22 dozen have[...]hich produces the Isabella, a
    fine table variety) is 25 years old. There are also
    fig trees, producing[...]rora.

    To drive out to Korora in a motor car is a
    most delightful and exhilarating experience. The
    road traversed is over hill and dale and yound

    sharp bluffs amidst[...]e wa The showground, Which con-
    sists of 19 acres is about a quarier of a mils from
    the town on the Wo[...]r. A. E. Long, J.P., was the first
    retary, and he is now president.’ Mr. V. C
    ho at presen: hls ite[...]by Mr. Owen Cartan, who now
    manages the busine He is considered to be one
    of the most skillful coachbu[...]arm waggons and plows;
    and every class of vehicle is built to order in the
    factory under his personal[...]ral equipment, including a well-appointed
    hearse, is estimated to be worth about £200.[...]
    [...]d, it will rapidly come into public favour.
    There is no doubt that, from a tourist point of
    view, Coff[...]ed
    Hill to Coff’s Harbour, The shortest circuit is
    through Central Bucea, a distance of 80 mile

    Thr[...]he distance
    42 miles.

    Another circuit is from Coffs Harbour to
    Woolgoolga, Half-way Creek[...]iful trip.
    A tour through the lovely Orara Valley is a
    most delightful experience. Starting from Coff’s
    Harbour, the Red Hill is negotiated, thence the
    south and west branches of[...]e most charming, interesting and
    diversified tour is from Coff’s Harbour to Dorrigo
    township, via Co[...]klana, The return journey from Dorrigo town-
    ship is made down the cutting (seven miles) to
    Bellingen[...]igh and Coff’s Harbour.
    covered in this circuit is about 90
    specially recommended to
    undertake this[...]purposes than
    to behold the majestic scenery that is unfolded
    during the journey down the cutting.

    and Coff’s
    This is a

    most in-

    feet in[...]
    [...]‘from the inception) taking a foremost part in its

    formation, The racecourse, which has every modern
    appurtenance, is situated about a mile to the south
    of each town,[...]headquarters are
    at Kempsey, with which this club is affiliated), have
    been erected. Few country clubs[...]additional ex-
    penditure of £50. The club holds its annual meet-
    ing in July. Since the commencement[...]enrolment fee being 10/6. The
    patron of the club is Mr. W. Seccombe. The fol-
    lowing are the o[...]
    [...]In 1901 he established the paspalum seed in- try is ned to very considerable di-
    cust earning the sob[...]many apparently.
    Famous Handshaken Paspalum seed is now stocked more skilled and able men might have[...]hrioughout the
    introduced and grown; and the sale is enormous. shir

    [...]ders, ete.,
    employed ever since; and the business is constantly
    increasing .

    Mr. Seccombe has a br

    neh at

    he is

    represented in Bellingen by Mr. A. G.[...]h a reputation for ability
    and probity. The store is the oldest-established
    aat Coff's Harbour; and up[...]i-
    versal emporiums on the North Coast. Mr. Perry
    is a Justice of the Peace, a vice-president of the
    C[...]l affairs, and has become ex-
    tremely popular. Je is secretary to the Coff’s
    Harbour Agricultural So[...]uctioneer at Coff’s Harbour for
    many years, and is considered a good judge of
    [...]factory has a
    reputation in Sydney and London for its High-class
    and even quality.


    At pr[...]to the factory within a radius of 15 miles.
    ream is sent to be converted into butter from

    Bonvil[...]prizes for the all-round cellence of its product.
    At the RAS. in 1914, it gained first hon[...]and also the grand


    The machinery is of modern
    combined churn and worker
    iser, which w[...]alled,

    The laboratory
    Bacteriological plates

    is thorot

    ily down-to-date

    are made in order[...]th, L. F. Uther and J. Burk:
    ing. Mr. A. Marshall is manager and secretary,

    [...]tibly proved that they
    are the possessors of what is commonly called
    Of such stuff is Murdoch Stewart McLean, one

    of the chief pioneer[...]ohn 0’ Groats, on June 30, 1855, the subject of
    is sketch a sd oon the Richmond, in 1884,
    and shortl[...], consist-
    lapted for
    and other
    sand i meuidended is peautitully: situated on an
    r MeLeati has[...]
    [...]he modern plant
    on the Central North Coa His shop is so well
    equipped with the latest machinery, that[...]semble it; but at
    O’Keefe'’s works everything is made on the premi-
    ses. Mr. O’Keefe carries imm[...]material

    naves and
    and he is in a position to guar-
    work as being bone dry. Hi[...]minimum of labor and with the utmost
    celerity. It is not so long ago that teamsters were
    compelled, wh[...]hey wait, which saves time and money. Me.
    O'Keefe is now mal a speciality of motor re-
    pairs, and turns out motor springs with despateh,
    He is the pioncer funeral director of Coffs Har-
    bour,[...]inced a great
    Feeruiting for the prescut war; and is one of the
    trustees cf the local Amelioration Committee. ee
    is a Justice of the Peace for New South Wale
    tae =.[...]ren, in 1910. The

    mise fac the Pacific Ocean and is only a short
    distance from the beach, which makes[...]ains 83 well-appointed roomy bedrooms and

    It is continuously
    is thoroughly

    every comfort appertaining to[...]


    [...]underline;">Table of Contents</p>
    <p>&gt; It's phenomenal growth and great future possibilities summarised.</p>
    <[...]Murdoch Stewart McLean</p>
    <p>On page 103, there is a description of Ocean View House. At the end, the following sentence is missing:&nbsp;</p>
    <p class="MsoNormal"><span lang="EN-US" style="mso-ansi-language: EN-US;">It was a sad day indeed when the fire at the Jetty Township gutted<span style="mso-spacerun: yes;">&nbsp;this grand old building.<span style="mso-spacerun: yes;">&nbsp;The fire also had an effect on the real estate values. At the time of the fire business sites were being realized at 27 pound a foot.</p>
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